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MOBIO - Mobile Biometry

Secured and Trusted Access to Mobile Services

European Funded Project (FP7-2007-ICT-1)
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For many years, the Idiap Research Institute has actively participated in numerous national and international research projects in the field of biometric cybersecurity and received total funding amounts of several tens of millions of Swiss francs.

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The Idiap Research Institute provides an European computing e-infrastructure for Open Science

The BEAT platform is an European computing e-infrastructure for Open Science proposing a solution for open access, scientific information sharing and re-use including data and source code while protecting privacy and confidentiality.

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The fight against identity theft

A new research project will provide authentication and secure access to banking and other services over broadband and mobile networks by using biometric identifiers.

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Radio podcast on MOBIO radio podcast: Biometric Person Recognition by Dr. Sébastien Marcel

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MOBIO on the website

Accurate face recognition goes mobile

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MOBIO on the website of the swiss tv

La reconnaissance faciale bientôt sur mobiles

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New MOBIO prototype of face recognition embedded on an iPhone 4

Idiap researchers successfully implemented probably one of the first face recognition system on an iPhone4.

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Coordinator Award 2010

Dr Sébastien Marcel has been invited to the Coordinator Award on September 29 2010 in Bern organized by Euresearch and had the opportunity to present the EU FP7 project MOBIO (Mobile Biometry) during a Press Conference with the participation of Dr Martine Brunschwig Graf member of the Swiss Geneva Council of the Geneva Canton, Dr Mauro Dell’Ambrogio State Secretary for Education and Research in Switzerland, and Prof Roland Siegwart Vice President Research and Corporate Relations at ETH Zurich.

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EURESEARCH Success Story

Euresearch the Swiss guide to European research and support for European business and innovation highlights in its recent Success Stories Newsletter the EU FP7 project MOBIO (Mobile Biometry).

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MOBIO – New video: Real-time face tracking on the Nokia N900

Researchers at the University of Manchester this week revealed a detailed face tracker that runs in real-time on the Nokia N900 mobile phone. Unlike existing mobile face trackers (video) that give an approximate position and scale of the face, Manchester's embedded Active Appearance Model accurately tracks a number of landmarks on and around the face such as the eyes, nose, mouth and jawline. The extra level of detail that this provides potentially indicates who the user is, where they are looking and how they are feeling. The face tracker was developed as part of a face- and voice-verification system for controlling access to mobile internet applications such as e-mail, social networking and on-line banking.

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CoI at Biometrics 2010

Join us for all the latest information and solutions on the use of biometric technology in government and commercial applications at Europe's premier event for biometrics.

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MOBIO – New video: Voice and face authentications facilitate third-party pickup

MOBIO can easily authenticate people over the phone. Imagine the scenario of a large nursery in a big city. One day you’re sick or hold up somewhere, and are not able to pick up your kid yourself. Your neighbour or a friend can help, but will the nursery release the kid? A communication between the nursery and yourself is needed to make this happen and you would want this communication to come from you and you only!

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New opening for an Internship position for the development of a face recognition iPhone App

This project aims to integrate latest Idiap scalable face detection and recognition technology on an iPhone by developping an innovative demonstration application.

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MOBIO – 1st video of a MOBIO use case is out.

The story follows the customer experience of a mobile wallet user. The level of security through biometric authentication increases with the amount of the transaction (no authentication for a soda, face authentication for a 40-Euros purchase, face and voice authentications for a cash withdrawal or a purchase above 100 Euros)

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A new partner joins the MOBIO project

The MOBIO consortium is happy to welcome the new partner Visidon in his project.

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FP7 project ACTIBIO

FP7 project ACTIBIO on "Unobtrusive authentication using activity related and soft biometrics".

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