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MOBIO - Mobile Biometry

Secured and Trusted Access to Mobile Services

European Funded Project (FP7-2007-ICT-1)
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1. MOBIO Prototypes       2. Mobile Biometry Use Cases      3. Mobile Face Detection      


1. MOBIO Prototypes

New MOBIO prototype of face recognition embedded on an iPhone 4

Idiap researchers successfully implemented probably one of the first face recognition system on an iPhone 4. This system is also runing on a iPhone 3GS. 

Embedded use-case: Fast access to mobile e-mail and web services


Client-server use-case: Secure biometric login to my sensitive documents



Real-time face tracking on the Nokia N900


First MOBIO prototype embedded on a Nokia N900


2. Mobile Biometry Use Cases

Voice and face authentications facilitate third-party pickup

MOBIO can easily authenticate people over the phone. Imagine the scenario of a large kindergarten in a big city. One day you’re sick or hold up somewhere, and are not able to pick up your kid yourself. Your neighbour or a friend can help, but will the kindergarten release the kid? A communication between the kindergarten and yourself is needed to make this happen and you would want this communication to come from you and you only!

Anti-theft through voice authentication

Your voice is your security
: Simple example on the use of your voice as an anti-theft mean. Of course, several options could be offered: 2-3 profiles so that your family can call anytime, no blocking on emergency numbers, no blocking if the owner started the conversation,…. but the overall security that does not permit a robber to call with your mobile.


Mobile wallet... with authentication

The story follows the customer experience of a mobile wallet user. The level of security through biometric authentication increases with the amount of the transaction (no authentication for a soda, face authentication for a 40-Euros purchase, face and voice authentications for a cash withdrawal or a purchase above 100 Euros)


3. Mobile Face Detection


Face Localizer on a Nokia N95


Face Localizer on a Nokia N93i



Face Localizer on a Nokia N810

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