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MOBIO - Mobile Biometry

Secured and Trusted Access to Mobile Services

European Funded Project (FP7-2007-ICT-1)
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CoI at Biometrics 2010

Join us for all the latest information and solutions on the use of biometric technology in government and commercial applications at Europe's premier event for biometrics.

Download here the MOBIO flyer about Biometrics 2010

What is a Community of Interest (CoI)?

A CoI is a group of people connected to each other by a shared need to solve common problems, develop skills and share best practices. In the case of MOBIO, it is composed of people representing their corporate employers or clients who are frequently at the interface between basic and applied research, and development. The overall goal of the CoI in MOBIO is to ensure as much as possible an effective exploitation and a take up of the technology developments by validating the potential use of these developments.

The CoI will:
1. Accelerate the readiness of the MOBIO technologies for commercial market acceptance by improving scientist's understanding of current commercial offerings and needs, and by obtaining regular and frequent feedback;
2. Raise the awareness of a closely cultivated group of commercial partners offering advanced technology solutions to the work and achievements of the MOBIO project.

What do you get out of that?

Members of the CoI get the opportunity to influence the research towards their desired needs. They also stay very close to an important research project involving experienced scientists at the forefront of research. In addition to the public deliverables, members will benefit under acceptance of the consortium from: a priority access to project results and outcomes, a privileged access to the developed technologies.

You can still join the CoI

The Community of Interest of MOBIO has been formed in Q4 2008, but it is seen as a lively group, and therefore will accept new members in 2009 and 2010 as well. To ease the communication and lower the constraints, we have taken the choice to interact via a LinkedIn group.

As an individual person:

The LinkedIn group allows individuals to join, should they represent their company or not. Just click to be directed to the MOBIO Community of Interest group.

As a company:

If you want to join the CoI as a company as well, have a look at the following flyer: Download the CoI flyer

Enlarged CoI members

Click on the following link to see all members involved in the MOBIO CoI: MOBIO Community of Interest group.

Company CoI members

actibio ACTIBIO

Unobtrusive Authentication Using ACTIvity Related and Soft BIOmetrics
atracsys atracsys

Logo-BioID BioID

BioID is a leading developer of multimodal biometric authentication solutions, with many years expertise in the field of IT security for banking, enterprise, and government applications. The company is also currently developing new solutions for mobile and internet authentication. BioID’s authentication solutions simultaneously recognize face, iris, and voice to link a real person to their digital identities.
Biometry AG AG

Biometric Authentication for a secure world
cnote Cnoté

cpqd cpqd

CPqD is an independent institution, focused on information and communication technologies (ICTs) innovation to contribute to the competitiveness of the country and the inclusion of the digital society. CPqD develops broad program of research and development, the largest in Latin America in its area of operation. BIOMODAL is a CPqD/Funttel/Finep project about secure multimodal biometric and iconographic authentication in mobile devices

Extol Extol

FaceTec.jpg FaceTec Ltd

FaceTec™ is a digital marketing platform that uses patented facial recognition technology to enable the large scale automated personalisation of digital advertising, communication and content for brands, marketing agencies and advertisers.

Academic Research Laboratory in Computer Science, Image Processing, Electronics and Automatics
icepat ICEPAT

ICEPAT has been dealing with MOBILE BUSINESS for over ten years and have filed numerous patents on the most important markets of the world.
IDIEIKON IDI EIKON (Investigación y Desarrollo Informático Eikon)

IDI EIKON is a Spanish software company that provides software development, consulting and services for implementing ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) as a solution provider for all areas of business and with a strong R&D structure focused on e-Health, e-Inclusion, Biometrics (Safety & Security) and Environment.
ISRA Isra University (Academic Research Laboratory)

Al Isra University is a private institution of higher education in Jordan. Its owner, Al Isra University Company, obtained its founding license from the Council of Higher Education in Jordan in August 1989, and started its first academic year in 1991 – 1992.
KeyLemon KeyLemon

KeyLemon is a software company which offers simple, fast and convenient computer access solutions, based on face and speech recognition, for all Internet users with a webcam.
kooaba kooaba

kooaba's mission is to unlock the information captured in images using sophisticated image recognition technology.
mediscs MEDISCS

MEDISCS, an R&D-performing SME, is IT security company with expertise in trust architecture (identity-based PKI, SSO, Identity Governance Framework, 3DSecure payment, …), software protection and mobile devices as a secure storage of personal access control credentials. MEDISCS have successfully introduced innovative technologies for mobile devices and provides solutions in the areas of banking and State modernization (e-government). They technology allow strong authentication, digital signature and 3DSecure payment software services.
MetroWorks MetroWorks

MetroWorks is a leading edge open systems developer of applications for publishers and publishing on the Web. We are based in Tokyo, Japan, and many of our customers are major multinationals wanting a differentiated presence on the Japanese internet.
millevent mill'event

Mi-Pay provides a range of mobile initiated financial services for banks and mobile operators around the World
Mobbeel Mobbeel

Mobbeel is a company that develops innovative biometric security solutions for mobile phones. Our technology identifies the user of a mobile phone in a reliable way using his/her unique features (currently iris and/or handwritten signature) with no need of additional hardware. In other words: with Mobbeel you are the key!
Phonexia Phonexia

Phonexia is offering speech recognition and HPC services mainly for security, intelligence agencies and call-centres. They provide solutions for keyword spotting, spoken term detection, speaker/language/gender identification.
Reallear ReallaeR

Systems integrator for security solutions
Retia Retia

Special electronics


RISEPTIS is a high-level advisory body in ICT research on security and trust aiming at providing visionary guidance on policy and research challenges in the field of security and trust in the Information Society. It will do so by formulating recommendations on Policy Environment and Research Agenda.
semarket SeMarket

The SeMarket objective is to ensure the identity of persons and organisations. In order to achieve this it can count on a wide range of biometric technologies such as face, voice and fingerprint recognition as well as electronic signature services based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology.
UK Biometrics United Kingdom Biometrics Institute (University of Kent)

The UK Biometrics Institute was established in order to improve the performance of the UK biometrics sector by facilitating the transfer of knowledge between stakeholders and by offering independent but informed advice about biometrics to industry, government and consumers.
Uni Calcutta University of Calcutta (Mobile Adhoc Networks)


ValidSoft is a leading global supplier of Strong Authentication and Transaction Verification solutions that enable organizations to provide secure access to services and counter electronic fraud.


WISeKey is a leading information security and identity management company, and provides specialized security technologies for data protection, and effective identification and authentication of people and objects, over physical infrastructures, networks and the internet to ensure secure communications and e-transactions, without compromising trust.

Yuil Banking & Security Co. Ltd.

High-secured bank-card & payment systems by advanced biometrics (u-Payment)


To join the CoI or if you have questions about the CoI, please contact:

Stéphane REY

Centre du Parc
Rue Marconi 19
PO Box 592
CH-1920 Martigny

Phone: +41 27 721 77 17        
Fax: +41 27 721 77 12
Email: Stephane.Rey (at)


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